Вопрос про одного исполнителя.

Знаете ли вы такого товарища как Aviators, и если да, то какая песня является вашей любимой? Напишите в комментах, пожалуйста. Слушал ли кто-нибудь его не понячье творчество? Понравился его новый альбом Godhunter? Кто-нибудь объяснит мне что происходит в сеттинге Bleeding Sun?

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Пинок в ленту
Aviators? А кто же его не знает? Песни неплохие, но очень на любителя, сам предпочитаю несколько иные стили музыки. Из не понячьего песни тоже слушал, мнение о них тоже, что и о понячьих: неплохо, иногда пафосно, но стиль совершенно не мой. Раньше слушал Теорию Хаоса, а в последнее время начал переслушивать «Remains». Спойлер
А мне этот стиль просто как родной пришёлся. И ничто кроме праздничной песни из млпшных его песен не вкатывает.
Да вроде все его знают. Даже те, кто вообще не следит за музыкантами в нашем сообществе — вот о нём слышат в первую очередь (ну, не считая 4everfreebrony). Слушаю его так же как и многих других. Есть у него хорошие работы. И коллабы с ним у многих интересные имеются. Из фаворитных именно у этого музыканта:

Коллабы с ним:

А так, за его творчеством даже не слежу. Как-то сильно конвейер у него. За другими следить интереснее…
Даже те, кто вообще не следит за музыкантами в нашем сообществе — вот о нём слышат в первую очередь (ну, не считая 4everfreebrony).

Отнюдь. Про Авиатора доводилось слышать лишь краем уха, зато в плеере живут что-то меня понесло перечислить вообще всех.LT, WT и песни из FiW. Позже ещё присоединился H8 Seed. Ах да, и Сайонара, конечно. И те чуваки с Join the Herd. И Ленич и Киря. И тот, что читает реп с Глейзом и перепел Рашн Джипси Джаз. Девушку-пародистку знаю, но не заходит. И The Moon Is Rising с красивым женским вокалом, Spare и три (!) версии Follow, dear children, в которой к толпе обращаются на thee, арх, неумные люди. А ещё есть CloudBlur (перепевала Awoken), немка DMC и итальянка с кавером на Open Up Your Eyes. И был стёбный кавер на Арию, но он так, пару раз послушать.
Это презанятно так как в другом фэндоме реакция Aviators is seriously underrated/Aviators means instant upvote. Ленич и Киря живут в моём плеере только в вид4 коллабов с Грифиниллой. А Сайонара поёт хреново. Однако ремикс на Mechanical Instict имхо лучше оригинала от того же Ави.
Кстати а были же ещё Mandopony с TLT. Один помниься пилил милые каверы а другой бгмерзкие ремиксы
Да, он хорошо поднялся на брони-сообществе и переключился на другие темы. Из всех треков больше всего нравится, пожалуй, этот.
Впервые я именно этот трек у Ваати на канале нашла. Второе место в личном топе.
В 12-13 лет прям кайфовал с его музыки, жаль, что сейчас он мне уже не заходит так сильно. Но эти три песни всё ещё нежно люблю как ностальгические:

А по поводу сеттинга — ну, например, вот такое нашёлI tried to make a story line based off the four albums (Stargazers, Dystopian Fiction, Godhunter, Building Better Worlds). Enjoy. (Based off lyrics, lore, and speculation.)
Stargazers is mainly about the war. We don’t know when it was, but it happened.

In mankind, there rose up men who were merged with machines to become beings known as «The Ascended». The Ascended were more than human. They became powerful, unstoppable, immortal. They may have even been able to travel through time, at least a one-way backwards (based off “Signed on for a Sequel, where it states “When the 21 century arrives”). This power seems to have come from The Watcher: «He's been given a warning from a visitor who gave him his power long ago», «From the watcher unseen
/Now he warned me she'll come to take his due» (Godhunter lore/lyrics). As to «why» he did this, I will attempt to discover this later.

But anyway, one way or another, the Ascended rose to power. They became government leaders. But they wanted full power, and so they declared war. First they bombed and decimated their opponents, turning cities into wastelands. A huge, giant war that caused the water to be red with blood, and blood ran through the streets like running red water. Then, they fooled the people. They made them forget that they were once men, and were worshiped and feared as gods. The Ascended were in control.

Dystopian Fiction is after the war. It starts with the song “Exodus”, and it is aptly named. Miami was hit with a massive exodus after the Ascended ordered the city to be firebombed, which happened at midnight (Whenever it Rains). The lucky ones escaped. After that, the city became known as “Bleeding Sun”, because the fire fell so heavily it looked as though the sun had bled upon it. The people wanted to overthrow, but how could they? These were immortal gods, and the people still worshiped them as such. But then they found out the truth behind these “gods”: they used to be men (Rogue assumedly told them, but more about her later). The religion that helped keep the Ascended in power crumbled. They were still powerful and immortal, but they were still once men. The people had an anthem to give them hope (Dystopian Fiction). They began to unite against the Ascended, under the leadership of a young woman. However, not all Ascended are evil.

Now for the complicated bit.

1) The Godhunter/Hunter: she is the young woman leading the uprising against the Ascended. When she was younger, she witnessed the horrors of the Ascended government: the war, the slaughter, the innocent lives lost. She couldn’t do anything about it, but then she became Ascended. She infiltrated the tyrants who had taken over Bleeding Sun (the Keepers), who trapped the survivors inside the city like a prison, encouraged the name “Bleeding Sun” as a warning against revolution, and used their god status to keep people in line. (Side note, central Miami is called “Kingdom Come”, where the leaders live). She hid her nature and became the leader of the human revolution. She used her position inside Kingdom Come to infiltrate their strongholds. She killed the gods. She saw humanity rejoice and build better worlds (the entire album is about rejection tyranny and rebuilding). However, she is immortal. She sees humanity rise up, start a war, rebuild, start a war, rise up… She finally saw that humanity would never learn. This hopelessness,plus the centuries she had lived and the lives she had seen lost led her to want to stop hunting, because during this entire time she has been stamping out any Ascended that threaten to relive the past “Ascended Dynasty” (as I just decided to call it). But eventually, she changes from not wanting to hunt, to wanting to finally die, but being unable to due to her Ascension, and so she waits for the end of the world to see if she will finally have peace.

(I have been told she is the one with the gun, according to DeviantArt.)

2) The Traveler: Not much is known about him, as he was just given a name in Godhunter. However, what we don’t know, we can speculate. We do know for certain that he is Ascended, and seems to have been pushed into the past, based on the phrasing “At the beginning of The Traveler’s journey through time”. His story starts in a village on a stormy night, where he is about to witness the 100-year breach. This is a breach caused by evil magic, which allows the dead to rise for one night. Obviously a bad thing for that village, though luckily there is only “one breach every hundred years”. It never states it, but it can be assumed he broke the spell. From there it is unknown what he does, but we know he has watched innocent lives lost to war, and mourned them (based off Whenever It Rains). This mourning presumably means he fought to stop the Ascended, and I speculate he is the mysterious “Ascended” in “No More Heros” who kills any being that may become more powerful than the Hunter, the one who killed the gods that caused such death. Unfortunately, this can’t undo the last and the one he loved is dead, killed in a firebombing, probably the one that caused Bleeding Sun (based on “I’d tell you I’m sorry I’d walk through the flames”).

As he continues, he realises the world is about to end, and he wonders if he can truly die, despite his ascension.

(I have been told he is the one on the far left, according to DeviantArt.)

3) The Rogue: Another one who was just named in Godhunter, so much is unknown, but, again, we can assume the capability to time-travel (“A god traveling through history”). The Rogue fights for truth, and opposes those who lie to the people. Her fight is different though: she fights with words, by spreading the truth. In the age of technology, she has sworn to oppose all enemies to truth, which sets her against the tyrannical Ascended, who lie to the people to keep power. It was presumably her who revealed their true nature to the prisoners of Bleeding Sun, which led to the revolution of The Hunter. However, by the time of the revolution, truth is all-but dead, killed by the lies of the Ascended. After seeing this, she gave a final warning: the path of lies lead to war. It can be assumed she joined in the revolution of The Hunter, seeing as how she was partially responsible for it, and, judging by the album cover, traveled with The Hunter and Traveler to kill all the “gods”. We don’t know what happens to her, but it is likely that she, too, awaits death.

(I have been told she is the one with the bow, according to DeviantArt.).

4) The Watcher: he has been around for a very, very long time, since before the 4-part album story arc. The Watcher does what his name implies: he watched humanity. I can’t say he is Ascended, because he is mentioned by the creature in “Far Side” (a song about an actual demon trying to trick you into going to hell), and in “The Watcher”, where is the one who leads people in limbo to heaven or hell. In fact, he seems to be a type of judge, coming for those who he deems worthy of death (I’ll forgive the death you’ve earned/The cities you’ve burned).

But all the same, he exists, he is immortal, and he is ancient. The Watcher, whatever he is, does not trust humanity, presumably due to him watching “the slaughter of billions across the Earth”. In fact, he seems to be the one who started the Ascended, as mentioned previously. The only reason that seems to make sense for this is that The Watcher's distrust of humanity made him desire to place other beings, who have a share of his power, in charge of humanity, rather than humanity itself. However, his actions led to the end of the world. Due to the evil he created, and his presumable dislike of evil (I'll forgive the death you've earned/the cities you've burned), The Watcher ascended The Hunter, The Rogue, and The Traveler to kill the gods in an attempt to undo the mess he had made, as he refuses to interfere. However, as he sees the world about to end in war, he steps forward. “As the only god with the power to take action”, he approaches the last leader of humanity with a deal. This is a huge occasion, as The Watcher not only doesn’t trust man, but also made it a rule that he won’t interfere (“Now I’ve broken all the rules I’ve written”).

He brought he last human leader to his domain in limbo (“Just to bring you to this cold fort between/your ailing home and afterlife’s wither”). He makes a deal to save humanity, and the Earth: he’ll grant his soul, his power, to the leader, if he leads humanity to something better. The Watcher will ascend the leader to save the world. It seems that The Watcher needs humanity to exist: “To the last home/of civilisation/without which I’m gone”). This makes sense, given that, if there is no humanity to go to limbo, there is no need for a gatekeeper of limbo. Thus, he will strive to keep humanity alive, so he may survive. While the leader rebuilds, The Watcher will wait in a castle by the sea, presumably in limbo.
However, there is one catch: if the leader becomes corrupted, if he fails, The Watcher will return for him.

(He is the one on the far right by the pillar.)

The man in the middle clutching the arrow is the last god, who wrote the warning of “Godhunter”.

So… what'd you think?
О, огромное тебе спасибо, добрый Понь. Стало гораздо понятнее.
Я не понь и не шибко добрый, но всегда пожалуйста.
Исполнитель весьма специфичный, лично мне большая часть его творчества не зашла исключительно по вкусовым предпочтениям. Одну любимую песню написать не могу, напишу три позиции, стоящих внимания:
1. Open Your Eyes и Friendship — наверное, это классика, для меня это были одни из первых песен в контексте брони-фэндома, когда я к нему только-только присоединился.
2. Impossible — красивый трек, запомнился по великолепному TwiDash PMV
3. Fantasy — замечательный трек из Dystopian Fiction. Я не интересовался, поэтому для меня сеттинг песен автора остается непонятным, хотя все равно некоторые песни даже по отдельности очень красивы как по смыслу, так и по звучанию.
Open Your Eyes

Правильно прочитать удалось только попытки с пятой.
Impossible с моего самого любимого альбома, кстати. Но мне нравятся более дарковые песни.
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