Ponies at Dawn - Eternal (Compilation)


6 октября вышел новый альбом-сборник композиций брони-музыкантов проекта «Ponies At Dawn» под названием «Eternal»! Семь десятков с хвостиком композиций уже восемнадцатого альбома проекта вовсе не означают конец эры, совершеннолетие проекта или завершение истории в каком-либо виде — как раз наоборот, «Eternal» и символизирует всё то, что останется с нами навсегда!
За остальной информацией прошу под кат)

И вновь пара композиций с нашим участием затесалась в треклист — на сей раз с друзьями) Вельвет так и вовсе помогла сразу нескольким оркестровым музыкантам, поэтому я очень и очень ей горжусь ^_^ Также у нас очередное металлическое нашествие, а я вернулся с композицией, которая потом перевыйдет (тхе) на уже моём новом альбоме. Надеюсь, Letuciennik оценит, тхе)
Кстати, не забывайте про релиз на CD!

01. Ruv Vallan & Mantlegen — Kiwi
02. Scraton — My Legacy For You
03. Faulty — Double Time Dash
04. Silva Hound & PegasYs — Hands On (feat. StealingShad3z)
05. Foozogz — Make It Special (Finale Mix)
06. NeverLastStanding — To Home
07. Thrasher — Emanon
08. Suskii — Summon The Shadows
09. Velvet R. Wings & SDreamExplorerS — Convergent Evolution (feat. Artémis Plum)
10. Francis Vace & Evdog — Perennial
11. The Wasteland Wailers — Friendship From Fire (feat. Brittany Church)
12. Jyc Row — Lunar Rebellion [Tsuki no Hangyaku] (feat. Satomi)
13. Radiarc — The Void Undying
14. RKDM — Calibrate
15. Dijit — Pink Fuzz
16. iblank2apples — Baby Carrots
17. Soundnix — Antumbra
18. Hoofy — Devastation
19. MrMehster & GrazySmash — Shanti
20. Mantlegen, Einarx & LOROU — Lights Out
21. Silva Hound — Shadows
22. Redhose — Under The Shadow
23. Tripon — Spells Of Ruin (feat. J. Free)
24. bank pain, Hay Tea & John Kenza — Naïveté
25. Nevermourn & TCB — Ever
26. Hay Tea — Tea Hugger
27. 4EverfreeBrony — Can't Be Real (feat. Replacer)
28. GhostXb — Worthy (feat. Dionte George, Forest Rain & Rockin'Brony)
29. Plum Creek Rhythm Section — Wanderers In The Night
30. Replacer — Pony Is Dead, Long Live Pony
31. Francis Vace — Silent (feat. PegasYs)
32. Koa — To The Nines
33. Intersekt — When Is It Over (Flittzy Remix)
34. John Kenza — Nightlife
35. Faulty — Asunder (feat. Lilikha)
36. AnNy Tr3e — You Are My Star (feat. Wubcake)
37. Etherium Apex — Second Prances (feat. Nicole Carino) [MrMehster Remix]
38. GrazySmash — Pyramid
39. BlackIceMusic — The Fuff
40. GrazySmash & MEQA — Hoof Shaker
41. fractilx — Ultimate Uproar
42. LOROU — Epoch
43. PegasYs & DJT — Pewter (BL1NKY Remix)
44. KeyBird — Birdcall
45. mikuma — Raygun (feat. J. Free)
46. Zizkil — I Miss When You Loved Me
47. Mane In Green — Friendship And Love Are Timeless (feat. Velvet R. Wings & Koron Korak)
48. Mufaya — Journey Through The Storm
49. Frozen Night — Glaciation
50. DivinumX — Annihilation Celebration
51. Osoch — Song Of Tyrants (feat. DivinumX, Chris Wöhrer & Wubcake)
52. SDreamExplorerS — Imhnieńnie Ščaścia (feat. Koron Korak)
53. Blackened Blue — Set In Stone
54. Francis Vace — My Rainbow Horse And Me
55. Hearse Percy — Fonky Chonk
56. VooDoo — Vibez
57. Quadrivia & MEQA — Paroxysm
58. AJ Young & loophoof — Bliss
59. ponycutz & GrazySmash — Abandoned Technology
60. Hay Tea & Tripon — Trail Of Shade
61. Single Purpose — I Have To
62. Age Of Vinyl & Hay Tea — Moonrise
63. Niłch'i Poni — Memories Of Ambrosia
64. ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony — Start Again (Too Taken Remix)
65. Cosmic Fox — Unreal Kingdoms VIP
66. eksoka — Everlasting
67. Yellow Tune — Luna's Lullaby (feat. Truss)
68. UndreamedPanic — The Storm Is Coming VIP (feat. Metajoker)
69. Totalspark — You (feat. Namii)
70. Wandering Artist — The End Of Seasons (feat. Velvet R. Wings)
71. RoomVR — Bye For Now
72. Fellowship Symphonies — A Timeless Place

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28 комментариев

Стрим близится к завершению, ещё с пятой композиций, но альбом уже доступен на бэндкэмпе!
Да, продержаться до утра было непросто, но всё равно было весело
И на вечер ещё раз в ленту!..
А вот, кстати, запись релиз-пати подоспела!
Вести с полей!
А помимо этого канал на youtube преодолел планку в 5кк просмотров!

А теперь альбом доступен и в стриминговых сервисах!
Как же лампово было. Жаль не удалось послушать вместе с вами.
Часовые пояса, ничего не поделаешь. Сидеть до самого утра это то ещё испытание..)
Традиционные личные итоги, куда ж без этого!

#04 — Silva Hound & PegasYs — Hands On (feat. StealingShad3z)
The talk box is the most fun thing here. Don't at me.

#06 — NeverLastStanding — To Home
I did not expect the anime-opening-esque half of the track. Pretty nice.

#10 — Francis Vace & Evdog — Perennial
I like the idea of this song as well as the female vocals… no wait, I mean… uhhh, wut Oo

#13 — Radiarc — The Void Undying
I am mostly confused by this track because I can't find the usual (huh?) logic behind all the structures and elements of it. Maybe it's for better. Maybe not. It's a complex tune and I'm far from understaning it.

#14 — RKDM — Calibrate
Nice combination of the soft chord progression and voice chops. Also that overdriven bassline in the middle section! Btw, may I read RKDM as Arcadium though?.. May I..?

#17 — Soundnix — Antumbra
More voice chops over catchy chords. Not a fan of the heavy parts, but the soft ones e.g. intro/outro, bridges/build-ups feel really nice.

#19 — MrMehster & GrazySmash — Shanti
Oriental music often sounds really sexy. This one is no exception. Wish there'd be more spiritual vibes, but, eh, it still counts if it's catchy, right?

#21 — Silva Hound — Shadows
I love the outro in this track. And the meowth.

#22 — Redhose — Under The Shadow
I like how clear and crunchy the wubs are. Clean sound design here is so appealing.

#23 — Tripon — Spells Of Ruin (feat. J. Free)
Funny how he can turn any cute and joyful thing into a creepy mysterious hysteria. Also, damn, that flow from J. Free is dope. Reminded me of «Exiled» once again, partially, for… let's say… for no particular reason, tchie.

#25 — Nevermourn & TCB — Ever
Oh yes, semi-orchestral dnb with voice chops is a must!

#27 — 4EverfreeBrony — Can't Be Real (feat. Replacer)
A mix of «Hotel California» and «Nights in White Satin» from/for Equestria.

#30 — Replacer — Pony Is Dead, Long Live Pony
Funny theatrical musical madness. Didn't click with me since I'm not a fan of neither «theatre» nor «musical», but it's still fun.

#31 — Francis Vace — Silent (feat. PegasYs)
This album has more kirin songs than usual. Huh. I'm surprised Pega hits those notes though, it's a bit unusual to hear him like that, though it's for better. The song feels like a neverending panic in a comedy movie or a sitcom. A fun one.

#32 — Koa — To The Nines
This is cute. Like, a very kind one, sensual, elegant and smilingly passionate.

#33 — Intersekt — When Is It Over (Flittzy Remix)
Nice remake of an old LDB song, too sad it's very short, but at least the vocals are on point as always.

#37 — Etherium Apex — Second Prances (feat. Nicole Carino) -MrMehster Remix-
I enjoy those tearful hysterical vocals, yeah. Glad it has enough variety, calming down from time to time. It has a certain energetic mood, which I really enjoy aside from tectonic-dance-like hardstyle feel in the second part of the track.

#41 — fractilx — Ultimate Uproar
A throwback and a VIP track of sorts, which carries a different pace and mood with it this time. Pretty cool.

#48 — Mufaya — Journey Through The Storm
A very calm, softly tensive slow-paced ride through something that feels more beautiful and comfortable than the usual image of destructive and devastating storm. It has more excitement than anxiety as if the storm is something one was longing for.

#49 — Frozen Night — Glaciation
Coming with this soft and meditative 6/4 orchestration the track didn't reach its climax, but kept circling around a glimmering ice statue under the night sky. Beautiful as usual, but it gave me the eargasm denial: Ь

#57 — Quadrivia & MEQA — Paroxysm
These two coming together for a collab!.. It's huge, a really great banger yet it's very chill at the same time — for real, believe it or not.

#58 — AJ Young & loophoof — Bliss
The direction they took on this one wasn't something I expected, but I like the thing they executed as a final brainwave'y tune. Soft and mellow in the chords and structures but hard in the drops. Just the way we like it.

#61 — Single Purpose — I Have To
I like this reharmonization (as well as re-pitch-shifting) of an old song we all know. Gives a fresh kick to something familiar. Not much of a nostalgic feel, but more of seeing the past in a light of the present.

#64 — ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony — Start Again (Too Taken Remix)
A mild reharmonization with subtle Aphix'ed chords. Well, that's prett chill.

#67 — Yellow Tune — Luna's Lullaby (feat. Truss)
I enjoy the vocals in this one. The instrumentation is soft, but personally it didn't add much _to_ the vocals.

#68 — UndreamedPanic — The Storm Is Coming VIP (feat. Metajoker)
Oh yes, I remember the original from Panic's album. I like the way it was transformed here.

#03 — Faulty — Double Time Dash
Every drop in this one sounds really tasty and is very well-constructed, so the track sounds interesting plus I really enjoy the overall positive mood in it and the logic behind the simple structure. Can't decide if a track goes as a bonus to Francis' game or vice versa. Both, I guess?..

#07 — Thrasher — Emanon
High quality compilation of broken breakdowns with oriental'ish vibes in Drop Q. That moment where the composition itself doesn't feel special, yet the production of it makes you melt. And yeah, counting the whole thing was a really fun experience. Something you don't hear every day. It's a good sign when music forces you to think about the way it was made/constructed/created. Also, coming soon on Thrasher's «Welcome to Insanity» full-length.

#08 — Suskii — Summon The Shadows
I must say a track like this one was pretty unexpected to hear from Suskii. Surprisingly good, yet a very short nostalgic throwback to classic -core tunes. Aggressive, punchy, party-like mosh-pit. And we just forgot him blep.

#12 — Jyc Row — Lunar Rebellion -Tsuki no Hangyaku- (feat. Satomi)
I must say I'm not a fan of japanese culture, e.g. language, music, etc, but I really enjoyed this track. Soft and catchy orchestral pop (j-pop-rock, eh?) track that reminded me of that old Eminem song… eh, I forgot the track title, but anyways, it sounds pretty good! The contrast between nice cute vocals and pretty dark lyrics is remarkable, but the thing that made it worth for me is the chord progression and the slow sensual pace of the track.

#16 — iblank2apples — Baby Carrots
This one is a lot of fun! The basslines are just sick from time to time and the idea of a track… called… uhm… «Baby Carrots»… just… why? Oo It's reallly fun to listen to though, with all the elements combined including the phone duck, the bouncy synthesized high-pitchy clicking all the time and of course the special brief modulation section (it's soooo well-executed! Oo). A solid work of fun. It just rocks!

#24 — bank pain, Hay Tea & John Kenza — Naïveté
Soft and chill. Got «Disdain Area» vibes from the intro. The 2:50-3:00 part with one particular chord before the last drop made this whole journey so worthy.

#28 — GhostXb — Worthy (feat. Dionte George, Forest Rain & Rockin'Brony)
First it sounded like a neverending maze-y chord progression, like a mix of Non-Human Level+Machinery+Amorphis, but with Silver Note on vocals and minus all the metal. Sorry. But then I kinda caught the flow of the chord progression and, well, the song progression in general as it slowly unfolds, lazily showcasing layer after layer after layer of caramel-cream-like hysterical vocals, accompanied by the sax'n'guitar solo parts and monotonously monotonous hard-hitting energetic drums. Much needed release comes last, but it's a well-deserved rest. Interestingly constructed and very thoughtful music piece worth analyzing. Just like Thrasher's track, it gives some elite food for music studies.

#29 — Plum Creek Rhythm Section — Wanderers In The Night
Of course PCRS brought more cool alternative rock! Didn't expect all the unusual time signatures (I counted parts with not only 4/4 and 6/8 but also 4/4+5/8+5/8 and 4/4+5/8+5/8+4/4+4/4 and 4/4+9/8 after that) that added some spice to the story, but aside from that it's just classic quality PCRS song. Don't forget to praise the vocals, because they are gorgeous as usual, but now with a hint of maths to study once again!

#34 — John Kenza — Nightlife
I'm surprised I'm digging this track that much. Gotta blame the chord progression once again and frankly it reminds me of John's old works for some reason. I mean, I have no idea why, but this track feels like something generally well-made and very comfortable.

#44 — KeyBird — Birdcall
A very simple but unique thing, a combination of minor chords with major arpegios — this is just nailing it. It makes me feel so sad this compositioning method is so rare nowadays. Criminally underrated. And don't forget those gargling downlifters in the left channel — what a thing, I swear!

#50 — DivinumX — Annihilation Celebration
So close to hitting that avantgarde metal level… Insanely crazy mix of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Diablo Swing Orchestra, A7X-esque power metal and «Intra» flashbacks. The way all elements work together isn't soft at all, yet the combination itself is very-very impressive. Everything, from the vocals (just listen to this voice, just!!! listen!!! to it!!!) til the whole instrumentation speaks for countless hours of work put in this song.

#51 — Osoch — Song Of Tyrants (feat. DivinumX, Chris Wöhrer & Wubcake)
And another metal combination. Dimension Zero meets Omnium Gatherum, stuffed with corny flappy JfaC-like basslines and modern metal feels. That crunchy guitar tone is all over the place, but it still blends well with the rest of the mix. Just let the strings shine, everything else is irrelevant (vocals aren't even necessary at this point), as long as it works as intended.

#53 — Blackened Blue — Set In Stone
Longing for early 00s? Not anymore, for we got another nostalgic comeback to slow-paced altrock of that era. Now this is truly a successor to Spiritfall, but now heavier, juicier and more modern, maybe with a hint of Cold or Puddle of Mudd — couldn't ask for more.

#55 — Hearse Percy — Fonky Chonk
Oh yeah, oh right, oh… OH LAWD HE COMIN!!1!1!!!!1111!!11111!!11!

(seriously, stupidly awesome blues-funk'ed fusion, love it)

#63 — Niłch'i Poni — Memories Of Ambrosia
Amazing atmosphere right here! It's chill, it's calm, it's cold, it's literally a huge vast snowy landscape somewhere very far to the north of any living civilization. The combination of soft and eerie percussion, flutes and even a mouth harp makes this experience even more aestethic and realistic — and don't forget the traces in the snow! The slow-paced walk through the wind and hidden-under-snow-white-nature-blanket muddy swamp. Perfect composition for nature observations and for spending chill winter days reflexing on what was done and what lies ahead. Keep in mind that future is impetuous and cannot be stopped. But this moment… This moment can stay frozen in a frame for a while.

#39 — BlackIceMusic — The Fuff

Chess and checkers, this is amazing!!! The spiritual sequel to «Updraft» has everything the orginal could offer, but is wrapped in a different type of saucy sauce, coming with a soft and simple, but nice and fitting bouncy chord progression as the track goes on for a while. It's catchy, it's sassy, it's stupid, it works and I enjoy it in a strange and unexplainable way. Penguin'ey-ly clumsy, but, gosh, I love it.

#54 — Francis Vace — My Rainbow Horse And Me

I love it when Francis brings up some deadly serious topics in his songs. Not only it's a smug rad ska, but also an amazing «story of my life» thing. Like, could you imagine what it's like to share an appartment with a horse? Now you know. Trust me, sometimes it's not that easy. But it's cool! All cool!

#56 — VooDoo — Vibez

This takes me places, gooooooosh. That simple chord progression nails it and sends me trippin' on a desperately wasted sunset on a summer shore. I'd keep wandering without giving a buck about everything surrounding me, wearing a stupid smile on my face while being high on some fruit or whatever. I dig the vibez, I really do. It feels good, it tastes bitter as the tears I have to swallow all the time, but it feels good, it feels good… It hurts to smile 'cause I'm not used to it at all, but it feels good to have nothing to lose. Being trash is all it takes and I'm all on it. Right here. Yeah… this takes me places and memories. That's golden. Frame it.

#59 — ponycutz & GrazySmash — Abandoned Technology

Damn. They took the BEST from Portal universe sounds: the haunting atmosphere of mysterious loneliness, eternal imprisonment, cold lifelessness of an artificial intelligence AND the way it all comes together and sounds as a whole with all the chord progressions and synths. In all seriousness this is _my favourite track_ on the album. In all honesty I did not expect this outcome, but I must admit this track simply broke me into smithereens. With the wave of despair and futileness instantly flowing into a severe trance-like wall of brutal mechanical brain surgery. And then it got combined with a harsh addition of something purely inhuman and sanity-crushing like a nuclear impulse going straight into my brain frying it to a crisp. Brilliant. Just brilliant and I'm out of words Тт

#60 — Hay Tea & Tripon — Trail Of Shade

Now that sounds more like it! Flowing in these dark and narrow neural brain paths of simple but killing basslines and spontaneous blackfire'd flashes in an already pitch-black environment makes me lose my coloured vision and _see_ this music in greyscale just to figure out if there's even an end of this voidful maze. It's grim, it's crimson black and it's paranoidly looped as if the emergency exit wasn't even planned in a first place. It doesn't exist. It doesn't matter. It's all just crimson black greyscale nervelines all around. Keep pulsating, the dead.

Такие дела, и не забывайте про стрим всего через несколько часов!
— Буп! :)
В этот раз достаточно удачной оказалась тяжёлая часть альбома, кстати) Местами даже удивительно прекрасно вышло!
В композиции «Velvet R. Wings & SDreamExplorerS — Convergent Evolution» барышня здорово Тарию напоминает вокалом. :)
Вельвет, конечно, уже привыкла за столько лет, что только с Тарьей её в основном и сравнивают, но всё равно малость обидно\\
Разве это плохо, что у неё тембр голоса сопоставим с Тарией?
Не, соль в том, что подобное сравнение звучит от каждого, кто слышит её голос в разных композициях, причём на моей памяти ещё никто не попадал в её изначальные вокальные ориентиры и, так сказать, кумиров) Проще говоря, сравнивать Вельвет с Тарьей уже не модно..))
Эх, если бы у меня был вокал, как у Шаграта, я бы не обижался… ))))
Дык обидно не Вельвет, а мне)) И одно дело экстрим, а то ж опера, тонкие материи…
У Шаграта тоже не далеко от оперы ушло:

Одна из моих любимейших вещей, кстати. 8)
А мне тут больше всего зашла The Wasteland Wailers — Friendship From Fire, внезапно…
Аж визуализашку себе решил зарендерить.
А почему внезапно? У них же практически всегда музыка в подобном ключе)
Вот нет как раз. Мне очень нравятся работы The Wasteland Wailers, но обычно же у них совсем другой стиль — косплей под ретро, в стиле Fallout. По крайне мере, мне именно этим и запомнились. Потому и внезапно — совсем выделяющаяся работа, больше напоминающая 4EverfreeBrony — The Highest Tower. При чём подача очень годная — по нарастающей до эпичного финала. Медленно тянет не отпуская, и мастеринг просто образцовый. Заслушался прям… Такую работу можно запускать при демонстрациях техники перед публикой на каких-нибудь сборищах аудиофилов…
Кстати, я ещё на стриме эту песню вспомнил, ибо они её исполняли на галаконе в этом году)
В споти тоже есть. Чудесное
Настало время для очередного благотворительного альбома!

«Echoes», третья по счёту компиляция такого рода — с ранее выпущенными композициями от музыкантов [email protected], а также треками с компиляций «A State of Sugar», «Never Say Neigh» и «noise.horse» — выйдет 8-го декабря с релиз-пати в полночь всё на том же ponyvillefm.com! Все вырученные до февраля средства пойдут «Save the Children»

PonyvilleFM Stream: ponyvillefm.com/player
PonyvilleFM Discord: discord.gg/6WCgzHm
И на вечер в ленту.
Уже совсем скоро!

Упс, оказывается, ночью дискорд прилёг отдохнуть, поэтому стрим (и релиз, соответственно) перенесли на сутки вперёд %)
Технические неполадки, со всеми бывает
Я, наконец-то, заимел достаточно времени, чтобы прослушать это всё ещё раз. Дважды прослушал всё, когда он вышел, но всё никак не мог решить, что именно из этого я хочу. И вот теперь выбрал 8 песенок. Великолепный альбом. Нет, Понис эт Доун всегда были хороши, но они не цепляли настолько, чтобы я несколько раз переслушивал всё, что есть. А этому альбому я не меньше десятка часов отдал, потому что большинство песен не просто можно слушать (как это часто с другими бывало), а действительно цепляют.
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