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I think Tabun was a lot more welcoming the last time I was here several months ago...what happened to everyone? Here are some things I have to say that may clear up some confusion for some people.

*I am a friend of altro 's. I met him when we were both studying abroad in South Korea. Although we went to separate schools, he saw me wearing a brony shirt one random day, and we became friends.

*I came onto Tabun several months ago at my friend's request, because he had posted about meeting me, an American brony in South Korea. I mostly joined to be funny, and because I wanted to see a different kind of brony community. People on Tabun were very kind to me.

*I'm not here to spam or troll anyone, or to fill up your website with English. In my last post, there were some people emphasizing that this is a Russian website. Don't you think I know that? I'm only here to chat with people and make friends. I'm not hurting anyone or anything by speaking English. If I could speak Russian, I would. There is no reason for people to be annoyed. This is a website on the internet, I'm not stealing from your house!

*There were also some corrections to my grammar on the last post, which I thought was funny. Though it's true I am an English teacher, no one's use of any language is infallible. Also, there is a difference between writing a formal essay and just talking on a message board. I wouldn't mind strange arrangements of sentence structure; I'm not very prescriptive when it comes to language, anyway.

*I remember some of you from last time! Hi!

*If you can't speak English, that's okay. If you want me to be able to read your response though, you should post in Cyrillic script, because then I can use a translator. I can't read phonetic Russian!

*I'm a real American, I promise. What can I do to prove it?

Well This is Embarrassing

Does anyone still remember me? I don't blame you if you don't! I haven't been here in a while because I got so overwhelmed with work and school. I even had to drop a class at the beginning of the year...that was a little damaging for my pride. I'm sorry I never got around to helping with English or anything; I just was so busy with other things. As for the future, I have to say that I can't promise any more to help with the English language, because I have so many other things to do! But I'm still here, spying benevolently on everyone.


So it looks like I've been named the resident fanfiction viewer on my last post. I think that will be okay, as long as there aren't too many! Show me the first fanfiction to look at! A shorter one would be nice at first so I can see what I'm dealing with. I would be happy to help.


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Greetings from an American in South Korea!

Most all of you don't know me, since I am brand new, but for the few of you who were watching the comments on this post you know me as the American girl from Kansas that altro met at a meeting.

As for my information, I am 20 years old and studying to be a schoolteacher of English language literature. I am an exchange student at Ajou University in Suwon, South Korea, and I will be back in America by late June (just in time to go to Argentina in a month to see my sister--I'm a busy girl!). I speak no Russian but Google Translate seems to be doing good things for me, so feel free to post in Russian or English; I love to talk to people!

I have been a brony since late 2010, and I have introduced the show to a few other people, but not many. In my mind, it's better to share with close friends than the liberally share with a lot of people I don't know well, but that is my opinion.

Here is a Russian translation by altro! (There have been some edits from before.)

Большинство из вас меня не знает, я здесь новенькая. Некоторые из вас, которые читали комментарии знают меня как американскую девушку из Канзаса, с которой познакомился altro
Обо мне. Мне 20 лет, я учусь на учителя англоязычной литературы. Я — студентка по обмену в универститете Аджу в Сувоне, Южная Корея и я вернусь в США в конце июня (как раз чтобы съездить в Аргентину на месяц встретиться с сестрой — я занятая девушка!). Я не говорю по-русски, но Google Translate помогает мне, так что можете писать на русском или английском, я люблю общаться.
Я — брони с конца 2010 и познакомила нескольких людей с сериалом, но немногих. Я думаю, что лучше делиться сериалом с близкими друзьями чем болтать о нем с кучей людей, которых я не знаю, но это мое мнение.